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Hey guys!

I'd like to announce that I've decided to go ahead with accepting donation in helping giving you guys a beautified group layout and all that neat stuff.  The initial start up price to super group for a full year is 4,796 points, or $59.95, which is half price of the original.

So I started a donation pool on my front page (top right) :iconjamminwolfie: and if you donate some points, I will feature some of your images in a "Super Group Points Donated" folder, the number of images will depend on the number of  points given!  :)  If you donate 200 points (which amounts to $2.50 USD), I will promote one of your image to the folder,, it doesn't have be a qualifying image to the group (note below), you choose the image, every $2.50 will add an image.  If you donate 1000 points, which amounts to $10.00 USD, I will let you select 5 of your images to be promoted to the folder, that's 4 earned image plus one!  Even if you donated 200 at one point, then later donated 800, which the total adds to 1000, I will still add the additional image on top of the 4 earned!

The donation pool is now open, and will be closed at the beginning of next month (not an exact date or time, though, as I may be pretty busy then).  So if you'd like your image promoted to this special folder, hurry up and donate :)

How does that sound?  Please give me a feedback, would be much appreciated!

(NOTE: We will accept any 3D image from you that doesn't have to be a petite woman, as long as it shows good quality in the lights/surfaces and it shows no blood, gore, killing actions, transgender, rape, or bondage fetish).

This folder will not be open for regular submission, when you donate, I will note you (or you can note me first) and ask for the links to each image, then request the submits on them.

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Our Rules

3DPetiteGirlsLover is a straight gentleman's club dedicated to petite women only, that is, petite in size and petite breasts. Good quality renders specifically with petite and cute (naked, clothed, pin-up) women are welcome.

First of all, there are lots of clubs dedicated or that will accept what this club will not accept, so "unfairness" is not what I have in mind. It's the fact that it's hard for men (and women) who love petite women to find them anywhere. So let's be fair, someone's gotta create a club dedicated to them too :)

Helpful Tips
There is a folder called "Petite Samples - Body Shots" you can view for samples of petites and their heights, also looking at other folders will help as well. One way to tell if she's petite (as in short) is if she's standing in front of something that will give her obvious height, another way is how short her legs look compared to the rest of her body. If she has long legs, then she's not assumed as a petite. All backside renders will be rejected since there's no way of telling she's fully petite (short, small breasted). Also since petite is defined as "small framed", she must also be trimmed or physically fit. A little plump won't hurt, too much will make her obviously not small framed.


(Note, the rules are edited periodically as I see needed changes)

First and foremost, all images that are accepted must be at lease a good quality render. If the image doesn't look nice or like care or knowledge has been applied, then we will not accept it, but will give a "critique" or reason it was declined.

Good quality image: It doesn't have to be perfect or look like photos, but it should at least look good and have good care in the highlights/shaded areas, light set ups, and skin/figures surface settings. In other words, if the skin shows a deep contrast between highlights and black shaded areas, or if there are no shadows or there are unrealistic "shadowless" lights shining under/around things, or the image is too bright where there are no shaded areas, it's ugly. A good quality image also has natural shadows, not stark, hard shadows. Care in the surfaces and light areas are needed to make your image look good, they have to look nicely done and enjoyable to view. This is the club's full intention to make it enjoyable for visitors/members to browse. It might be considered "unfair" for beginners or those who don't render good images, but a club won't last long or look good with those type of images.

Renders should show the character from the front or side, to where we can see if her breasts are small. The other top priority of this group is petite girls with petite/small boobs, and your render needs to show that.

There will be no bias motivation or patting each others backs like the governments do, so even if you're my best friend, if your image is ugly, it will not be welcomed.

You must have at least 3 good quality 3D images displaying petite girl(s), in which it would show that you support and love petite girls, before becoming a contributor. Otherwise, you may join as a member.

1) No big boob, big boned, tall, or big hipped women

2) No men, she-males, or he-females

3) No "bondage"/"master" type fetish, or images displaying "toys" or clothing of that type. Some latex clothes are fine, but if they have the look of bondage/master or have chains/handcuffs attached, then this club will reject them. No "spanking" fetish whatsoever! Some fetish will be accepted as long as it stays "clean" or "cute". Raunchiness is not what this club's about.

4) No extreme Gothic/fantasy type or anything having to do with suicide, blood, or women with evil glowing eyes. Gothic/fantasy clothes and makeup are nice, I as well as most people like Gothic/fantasy style to a certain point but if the render looks like those of a murder or suicide scene, then forget it.

5) No blood or gore whatsoever.

6) No raunchy sexual activity. We'll accept a little sexuality to a certain point, but if it's raunchy, then forget it. All images need to stay within DA's rules/TOS.

7) No killing/suicide scenes or weapons used in such. The only weapons we now allow are warrior type in warrior scenes, but still no killing action in the scenes.

8) No muscled out women. She can be a little tough or very physically fit, but if she looks like a body builder then forget it.

9) No cartoon type characters except Aiko3, or Aiko4, as well as Girl4's head. Aiko & Girl4 head is the only toon or "over cute" type characters this club will accept. (Since Girl4 body is obviously opposite of petite, I don't support it's use for this club).

10) No nude kids or teens. If I and the co-founders find any nude renders to look too young, then we will reject it. They must be clothed properly. There is a folder called "Teens Clothed" for kids and teens.

11) No kids or teens in any type of sexual clothing, such as lingerie and string bikinis that show too much.

Petite women in the following type of images...

1) Pin-ups

2) Teens/young as long as they're dressed appropriately, these will go in the "Teens Clothed" folder to keep them separate from sexy/nude renders.

3) 1 or more women, or a scene of people as long as 1 or more petite women are the main focus.

4) Promotional images displaying petite women. Promotions can be anything such as characters, hairs, clothes, jewelries, etc... These go in a folder called "Product Promotions"

5) Nude or clothed. Clothes can be from sexy to everyday wear, or certain fantasy types (except what we don't accept, stated above). We now accept warrior type clothing, but those should be submitted in the "Warrior Theme" folder.

6) Some leg spreaders to a certain point, as long as she's not looking too slutty.

7) Most fantasies and Gothic, to a certain extent. Such as Gothic makeup/clothes, faeries, fairies, elves, angels, warriors, etc... as long as they look cute and not extremely evil, covered with blood, or in any suggestions of killing/suicide.

8) We now accept warrior type weapons, such as swords and all the funny weapons that are seen in warrior renders. Those go in the "Warrior Theme" folder, but we still don't accept killings in action.

9) All renders within these guidelines as long as they were produced by a 3D rendering program. Post work and special effect post work added to renders is welcomed!

10) Tutorials containing tuts for 3D or 3D post work, or anything having to do with them are welcome. They are not required to have petite women. This folder is the only exception.

11) Favorites may be photos, drawn, or 3D, as long as the women are petite and they go in the appropriate folders.

We are open to suggestions, if you feel you have an idea or there's something you'd like to submit that's not included in the guidelines, feel free to contact the group via note!

There are two areas in which is limited to the admins here. Top featured images are added to the "featured" folder by co-founders/founder. The "Petite Samples/Body Shots" folder is limited to the founder only.

Here are some caution for actions taken. First, don't worry, as a founder, I'm easy going and great to get along with, but abusiveness, bias, prejudice, and disrespect is not my game.


This is supposed to be a fun club. Controversies and complaints may arise at some point, and therefore tempers arise. Let's try to keep our temper toward one another and have some respect. This club will not tolerate rudeness, abusiveness, bias, or prejudice to or about anyone.

If any none members write anything rude or spam this club in the comments section or anywhere else, they will be blocked and comments hidden or reported as spam.


Contributors have the privilege of submitting images, but they will be voted. If any contributor has a habit of submitting bad quality and or unqualified renders, they will be cautioned of being reduced to member status, in which they will be given one more chance. Voters as well as the founder don't like spending time having to vote "no" on undesirable or unqualified images.

If they submit an image to a wrong folder, the image often will be moved to the right one after acceptance. If they have a habit of choosing the wrong folder, the images will be rejected and they can try again. If the habit persists, they will be cautioned of being reduced to member status, in which they will be given one more chance.


Co-founders have more privileges here but adding/changing folders, styles, or making any changes in the rules without the founder's say so is not allowed. If there is anything they feel the need to add or edit to this club's folders or rules, they are asked to not add/edit themselves. They should contact me and I will more than likely throw a vote on it, but may simply accept or decline.

A co-founder may delete and/or move images for legitimate purposes only, but it is required to notify the founder before or afterward. Please no bias motivation.

Ok, now let's have fun!! Happy render all!

Founder of #3DPetiteGirlsLover


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cloud1986ita Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
SkylineStudio4 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I never do petite models, seeing how I'm a huge lover of thickness on my females as well as some muscle, hard abs, and what not. But I'm open minded enough to dwell into a different aspect of the female body structure. Granted I wouldn't associate the petite figure with just teens only, I've seen plenty of women ages 20 or so with bodies similar to the art style presented here.
DAZ-3D Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
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timnaas Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014
Hey guys! Thanks for accepting my recent submissions!
TunaReborn Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Hello Group Leaders. I want to become a contributor for the group. I've built up my gallery with some 'Petite' female renders over the past few months and I wanted to share it with the community. Thanks in advance!

LaughingGurl Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student General Artist
:icontachikomaloveplz: Can we request having ourselves made into 3D? (Non-nudes)

We're cute and petite!!!!!! Here's all of us:


We can model for you guyz! :heart: Meow Meow
andromedakun Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the late reply on this one.

There are probably some people in our group that are able to do this but I have to admit I can't do it.

You should probably contact JamminWolfie or Plastix who have a bigger mastery than I do.

Good luck,

KyotoKid Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
...gee looks like I have to get back to work and submit a few more pics.
andromedakun Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That would be really nice :D

I should also get back to rendering soon  but I fear I have been sucked into Final Fantasy XIV.

KyotoKid Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2014
...for me it's been more "imminent" issues like will I have a roof over my head next week.
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